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We at Tile Canvases have made our reputation by putting to work a unique combination of talented fine artists with skilled craftsmen to produce incomparable works of art on tile.

If you want your own design translated to maintenance-free glazed ceramic tiles under your direction, you have come to the right place. If you have some general ideas of what you want, but don't want to provide the final designs, we can help you achieve your dreams as well. And if you would prefer to select tile artwork from a book of samples, our new line of Custom Stock (sm) Tile Designs may be just what you are after.

We want to thank every one of our clients around the country for allowing us to create something of beauty for them. You have shared your dreams with us and become our friends in the process. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for letting us help make your dreams come true.

If you are new to us, please explore our site and get to know us a little better. We're confident that you will like what you see.

Tom Galloway & Rick Young

Rick Young (right) and Tom Galloway (left) met up in 1991. They both came from artist families dealing with some sort of ceramics and began to talk about their experiences. Rick had been working for a local company producing ceramic tile trivets. Tom had been doing design work and also working with his mother in the china painting field.

The conversations lead to making some small tile murals using Rick's designs and knowledge of glazes. Tom was able to utilize his experience to prepare Rick's designs for transferring to the tiles

Before they knew what was happening there was a demand for their mural work and their hobby was becoming a business. Rick's aunt, Leone Kuhne, and Tom's Mom, Gladys Galloway, began helping with art work. Their first break came when they had a booth at the Arizona Home Builders Show in 1994. They were able to show their murals and Rick had created a unique design for ceramic house numbers. They were able to take in enough orders to start spending more time at their hobby.

Inquires started coming in for business signs and larger murals. In 1995 Rick and Tom were awarded a contract to create tile for 9 walls for the Santa Cruz River Park. It was the beginning of the large mural business. With what they learned from this project they were able to design and create large pieces at an affordable cost. They dedicated themselves to larger residential, commercial and public works of art. With this move came the name "Tile Canvases" and a new studio on their land west of Tucson.

In 1998 artist Steve Farley came to Rick and Tom inquiring about the possibilities of creating black and white photographs on tile. They had been working with the concept for some time and had come up with a way of doing so, later to be referred to as “Tilography”. Steve was awarded the contract for four large murals in downtown Tucson, AZ. Rick and Tom used their photograph tile technique to create the photos for those walls. Over the next four years Tile Canvases created large Tilography murals for Steve in San Jose, Ca; Frisco, TX; Broward County Fl and Phoenix, AZ.

In 2004 after several years of “trial and error” Rick and Tom were finally able to come up with a way of doing color with their Tilography. With this ability they launched their wildlife series of endangered species.
Throughout the years Rick and Tom continued to refine the cuerda seca process until it has truly become a fine art form unmatched anywhere in the world.

Both Rick and Tom enjoy creating their one of a kind "tile canvases". Each new project is a joy because no two are the same. There is always a new challenge, a higher level of creativity, a chance to try new ideas, and a bigger sense of satisfaction. Their biggest reward is seeing the delight of a satisfied client. "That is my finest payment," says Rick about happy clients.


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