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We are developing a line of Greyhound tiles. (See Below)  When the line is complete we want to offer them as fund raisers for Greyhound Adoption Organizations. 

The Greyhound is a gentle and wonderful pet.  There are so many dogs being retired from the racing industry.  These dogs need homes to go to and the adoption organizations are doing a wonderful job of getting the work out that these beautiful dogs are available.


We are also trying to put together a list of Greyhound Adoption links and addresses.  If you wish to contribute to this list it will be greatly appreciated.

We will try to get the tiles displayed in the next few days.  I have posted some of them on eBay right now (7/13/00)

(8/1/00) Below are the dog tiles we have so far with suggested retail prices.  Contact me at the e-mail address below if you are interested in getting more information about them.

4" x 8" Tile 

4" x 8" Tile 

6" x 6" Tile

6" X 6" Tile          Retail  $24.00

4" x 8" Tile

4" x 8" Tile

8" x 20" Mural (4" Tiles) Custom Names Available on tiles 

8" x 16" Mural (4" Tiles) 

12" x 32" Mural (4" Tiles) Custom Names Available on tiles 

12" x 24" Mural (4" Tiles)

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