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When it comes to residential custom work, your imagination is the limit. We will consult with you on your dream installation and come up with a terrific solution which fits your home and your budget perfectly. Here are some case studies...      (Also see more photos and ideas on page 2 and page 3.)

This 2-dimensional replica of the Aztec Calendar we did was supposed to go into our client's den floor. When he saw the completed mural he decided to place it on the wall instead. We didn't realize how much the piece met to him until his wife called to ask how they could remove the work from the frame at some future date--she said her husband wanted to be buried with it! Rick has said he actually felt that he was being guided when he glazed that piece. Perhaps it is more than a tile mural!


The 7 foot design for this pool bottom originally came from a platter our client had collected. It was her favorite and now when you stand on the diving board you look down through the rippling water at a very bright happy sunface. It will make anyone's day!


This particular 4' mural of the Virgin of Guadalupe was placed in an arched alcove at the end of a hallway. Our client told us that when his mother, a devout Catholic, turned down the hall and saw Our Lady for the first time she broke into tears.


This backsplash was designed for an ardent Indiana hunter, fisherman and cook. Who else would have an elk watching you cook his friend!! While we were creating the mural he got married. We thought, there goes the kitchen elk, but somehow he convinced his new wife it was not so bad. Also delivery was no problem since he is a pilot for United Airlines. We simply delivered the tiles to Tucson International Airport where he loaded them and personally flew them back to Indiana.

This arch was by far one of the most enjoyable murals we did. Our clients looked at a desert drawing our artist Leone Kuhne had just finished and said, "pick the colors and do it." That was a real vote of confidence for our abilities.


Our client in this case wanted a desert scene with mountains in the background and viewed from a ground-level perspective. In the mural he wanted various cacti, a roadrunner pulling on a snake, rabbits, and Gamble quails.


One day we got a call from a couple who had moved from out East to their new home in Green Valley, AZ. Even with all the Southwest furnishings they had purchased for their new home it still did not have a Southwestern feel to it. Rick designed some adobes for two panels, one above the kitchen sink and they other facing the living and dining area. Once it was installed all of us were in awe at the dramatic change. They finally had their Southwestern home!


Our client on this particular project had two 8' arches, 2 pillars, and a large barbecue to tile. She also had very definite ideas as to what she wanted on them as well as the colors she wanted us to use. After 2 months of working closely, poring over designs down to the last detail, we were able to start creating her dream. One of the biggest rewards we have ever had was when the last tiles were being installed--she stood there gazing at the patio and said, "It is just as I imagined it." (More on page 3)

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