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Steve Farley

Steve Farley is a fine-art photographer turned successful graphic designer turned public artist. He is best known for his creation of a unique process for converting photographs to glazed ceramic tiles, and keeping the original range of tones without using a halftone screen. This process was used to created the 2'x2' tile portrait, pictured at right, of famed Latino singer & songwriter Lalo Guerrero.

This process is being used in the 4,075 sq. ft. Broadway Traffic Interchange mural project in Tucson, AZ, now being fabricated by Tile Canvases. If you are interested in converting your own photographs to tile, or discussing the possibilities inherent in this medium, please contact Steve at sfarley@igc.org

Steve can also take a lead role in commercial signage projects in tile, such as this example (to the left) of the sign for the Wheat Gallaher Associates landscape architecture firm in Tucson. This sign had to pass muster not only with the firm, but also with the architect and the neighborhood's historical review board. Steve helped at every stage of the way, including suggesting a color scheme for painting details of the building, and Tile Canvases created the final piece which complements both the building and the neighborhood perfectly.

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