Large-Scale Custom Projects

Broadway Traffic Interchange

A larger view of Steve Farley's final selection of street photographs for Wall 1. All photos were taken in Downtown Tucson.

From left to right: Francisco Revello & Gustavo Nunez in 1949; Bill Cotee in 1950; Seferino Flores & Dolores Wichapa in 1946; Eleanore Morris in 1940; Ben Solot, Jack Sinclair, and Mark Klafter in 1942; Connie Luevano, Estela Luevano and Eva DeLaRosa in 1955; Eddie Jean Scott in 1951; Gail Hill, Norma Felix, and Irma Rendon in 1944; Faris Ganem in 1941; Joe Rodriguez & Blanche Cordova in 1949; Henry Lee in 1942; Sylvia & Morton Tuller in 1953; Dolores DeLeon in 1953; Goyo Escalante and Lalo Guerrero in 1938.

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